This Privacy Policy Statement of discloses privacy practices of the website in the use of information gathered when a site visitor sign up and become a member. is the fastest growing Asian Dating Site. The route map into the thrilling journet of the fascinating and one of a kind world of online dating that is really a perfect hub for all singles who want to meet the love of their life without fear about their privacy.

Membership to site requires you to fill up online sign up form that ask you to provide information reasonably necessary for you to effectively participate in our Online Dating Site.

  • What information our site gathers/tracks about you?

  • gathers two (2) types of information: Information users voluntarily submit to us and information indirectly submitted to us by users.

    There are two (2) types of user-submitted information we collect: Public and Private. AsiantoDate define "Public information" as personal information that may be displayed on the site, such as age, gender, height, country of residence, but can not be used to define any member's real identity. Private information is defiend as any information that allows others to contact the user other than through the site or allows collection of information about the user other than waht is displayed in the member's profile.

    • This information is gathered from members who sign up for membership in our online dating site. This information includes email address, first name, last name, birthdate, credit card number (if any), and the user-specified password.

      We also keep track of your IP ADDRESS every time you visit our website. Part of your private profile is your IP address upon sign up and every time you use our site facilities.

    • To accomplish our goal of bringing compatible people together and/or make profile search easier, we feel that is is imperative that we must gather personal information such as birthdate, gender, height, weight, hair and eye color, ethnicity or nationality, country of residence, zodiac sign, marital status, education and occupation, etc. This information is meant to be displayed in searches.

  • What are the option available to site member who wish to correct, change or discontinues their site membership?

    • Our website gives registered members options to correct or change or update information displayed in the members profile. To correct, modify or change profile display and personal ad login to the site using your unique user ID and password and click "Update Profile".
    • Our website is a membership at will and there is never any obligation to remain a registered member. Should you wish to remove any photos or totally deactivate your membership, please send your request via the "Contact Us" link. Once our customer support representative receives your request, pleas allow us 72 hours to make the requested changes.
    • When you choose to discontinue or terminate your membership for any reason, reserves the right to keep all photos in the database for whatever administrative and/or legal purpose it may serve us best.
  • How we secure your information in the use of credit cards?

  • website features a secured server with encryption capabilities. We do not keep your credit card data when you use your creadit card to pay us, what we keep track is your transaction ID, cardholder name and email address for us to be able to communicate with your. No other data even your card number that is saved in our database.

    Should you have furhter questions about the security at our website, you can send an email via Contact Us link.

  • Use of Dating site.

  • Your use of website indicates your conformity of our Terms and Condition of Use (TCU). Your exclusive use of our website and your dealings and other members of our site will be kept strictly confidential. Moreover, makes Chat Rooms and other online facility available to site members. Please be aware however that any and all information you disclosed in these areas becomes public information and do not monitor the exchanges of infomation nor make logs of such information. Therefore, we enjoin all members who enjoy our online facilities such as chat rooms and online messaging to exercise due diligence and caution when sharing personal information.

  • Links to other sites.

  • In any event in the user of website where there are sites that may of interest to you, is not responsible for the privacy practices or terms of use of these sites. We encourage you to please review the site's privacy policy and terms of use of the site you chooose to browse outside website.

  • Changes in our Privacy Policy

  • If our privacy policy changes in a way that will materially affect our users, we will notify you by posting a notice of changes on the site.

  • Legal Disclaimer.

  • Due to the very nature of internet use and exchanges of information either in the chat rooms or email message, there are inherent issues relating to the security and privacy of information you provide. When you opt to use our site, please release us from any and all liabilities relating to your use of our website. Please review our Terms and Condition of Use.